Indoor and outdoor team building games for kids

Indoor team building activities and as well as outdoor team building games both are equally important to a kid. Sports play an essential role in a kid’s life. Hence sport games for kids are necessary. Many best sport games for kids can be found online. The best suited sports for children include: cricket, shuttle, tennis, basket ball, base ball, soccer, squash, badminton etc. Studies have proved that playing sports helps the mind relaxed and helps in improving concentration, strength and focus. Playing sports helps the kids to be fit and active all the time. Kids can also play sports with the help of online games and joysticks.

Indoor team building activities for kids at an early stage proves beneficial. If a kid is taught of being a good coordinated team player at an early stage, then he will have a tremendous growth in the future. Many schools are taking up steps to teach children in becoming a good team player. Activities must be planned well before the session is started. Some of the indoor activities are as follows:

indoor team building activities

  • Snowflake: Provide a paper to each kid. Make them to see if all the papers provided to them are of the same size. Now ask each kid to fold it by creating a design of “snowflake”. Then ask them to cut down the snowflake shape out of the paper. Once it is done, make the kids realize that even though the paper size and shape was same, it came out it in different patterns. Tell them it is good to be different.
  • Smart chairs: This is very similar to musical chairs. The children will keep moving when the music is on. As the music stops, the teacher will say like: “help others”. Now every kid who feels that they have the talent of helping others in them can grab the chair and sits immediately. The game must be fast and also simple to play.

Incase if the kids are little older, then you will have to give them different activities. Making the children to realize the importance of team work and coordination is necessary. Outdoor team building games is as important as indoor games. Kids possess the natural way of solving problems and learning things rapidly once they get along with the peers. Some of the outdoor games that can help the kids in team building are as follows:

  • Treasure Hunt: This is the best team building game, suited for all age groups. You can split the kids into groups and make different clues to find a gift. You need to hide the gift somewhere and provide a written clue of where the gift is. Make sure that one clue is associated with the other. You can make as many clues you want. Sometimes kids will have the difficulty in finding out a point from a clue. In such cases, you can give sub clues or hint to them. This game will help the kids in knowing the importance of playing a game with fun in a team.
  • Man made web: Ask the children to stand in a circle (close together). Now ask each kid to stretch their hands and hold the hands of other two children. Then make them to untangle it without the hands being disturbed. This game will help the kids in building a team and solving problems as a team.
  • Amoeba race: Group the kids into different teams. Each group can contain five to six kids. But make sure that each group possesses the same number of kids. Make one kid stand at the center of each group in order to become like a nucleus of an amoeba. Now the other kids have to be standing around the nucleus kid, facing outward but associating their elbows with each other. Now draw some tracks and ask each team to reach the destination point with elbows joined. The team which reaches first towards the destination without breaking the association is declared the winner.

Thus games help the kids in a lot of ways. They make them learn and have fun as well.


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