Motivational, icebreaker and teamwork activities for kids

Motivational activities play a very vital role in a human life. Motivational activities are required at all ages so as to enhance the outcome. Parents have to be very careful in motivating their children. It is little frustrating for a parent to see if their kid is facing some behavioral problems. Apart from activities of motivation, icebreaker activities and teamwork activities are also necessary. In order to maintain a healthy life both physically and mentally, it requires some motivation too, apart from performing exercises.  The following are the tips that help in motivating your children:

icebreaker activities

  • Give time to your children: You must spend good time with your kids. You should communicate and interact with them in every possible way. This will lead to a strong relationship and can motivate them to do things better. Take your kid for a walk and talk frankly, as this will make him or her think about this beautiful memory later while he or she grows up.  Get along with them and try doing some craft works or watch with them some inspiring videos. This will motivate them to be creative in their work.
  • Effective communication: Connect with your child in every possible way you can. Pay some attention and listen when they try to talk to you. Respond to them when they ask you or tell you something. Discussing things can help them knowing better. Make sure you don’t argue or force your suggestions and opinions on them because this will lead to bad motivation leaving the child to get easily depressed.
  • Be calm and gentle: To enforce some discipline to the children, you need to be calm and soft to them. Do not scream or yell on them. This will never motivate them in any way. In fact it can make your kid to be depressed, disobedient, stubborn, rude and making things repulsive. If this proceeds in a young age, it will later have big impacts on behavior. Therefore you need to be cautious in instructing some discipline to them.

Icebreaker activities are necessary for all age groups. These activities help a person in educating and as well as entertaining with an intention of leaving a lasting impression by increasing the communication and interconnection with the other people who are involved. Some of the activities for the kids are as follows:

  • Tangle in: Make the children to stand in a group of circle. Now instruct the kids to put his or her left hand into the circle and hold onto the other kid’s left hand. Now each kid puts the right arm into the circle and does the thing same. Finally they have to untangle themselves without letting the hands being broke.
  • Echo the name: Make the kids to stand in a circle. Ask a kid to come and stand at the center of the circle and shout his or her own name with an action. Now the other kids will have to imitate the action along with the name in order. Do this repeatedly until all the kids get a chance to stand at the center of the circle.
  • Name the jungle: Ask the kids to stand in the form of a circle. Now pick a kid randomly and ask him or her to throw a ball and also tell their name aloud simultaneously. Now the kid who catches the ball will have to keep telling the name aloud until he or she passes it to someone else. The game becomes more interesting as it goes faster.

There are many benefits of team work activities which enhance the kids in improving interpersonal skills, working in a team and creativity.

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